Lean in 2017

Get Lean in 2016 with the Alliance Weight Loss Challenge designed to help you achieve a healthy weight and active lifestyle. Its purpose is to help you set goals and then provide motivation, teamwork and collaboration.


Challenge Fee – $35
Includes a t-shirt, discount
coupons on fee-based fitness
programs and eight weeks of
workshops/ education programs
run by Alliance professionals.


Use your current gym or join the
Alliance. 8 week “Lean in 2014”
gym membership – $40.00


February 5 through April 4, 2014
Program Kickoff – Wednesday,
February 5, 2014.


Each participant will receive coupons
towards Personal Training and



All sessions will be held at 12:10 pm
(After work sessions will be added if needed)

Smart Start February 12 Luke
Nutritional guidelines to a “Smart Start” on your weight loss journey.

Cardio Week – February 19 Sarah
Learn why cardio exercise is just one of the things you need in your
weight loss toolbox. Sample cardio workouts will be provided.

Strength Week – February 26 Ben
Strength training leads to fat loss, increases metabolism and increases muscle mass. Sample strength workouts will be provided.

Discussion Session March 5 Kathi
Join us to discuss your personal experience in the challenge.
Discussion group format.

All About the Core March 12 Sarah
Learn core exercises that tighten your abs, strengthen your back,
and improve balance. Sample workouts will be provided.

Organic Week March 19 Luke
Why should I eat organic foods? A growing body of research is
showing that organic fruits and vegetables are more nutritious than
their non organic counterparts.

Discussion Session March 26 Kathi
Join us to discuss your personal experience in the challenge.
Discussion group format.

Relax …YOU WON!!! April 2 Melanie & Todd
Relax with chair massage and light refreshments to celebrate
your success!

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