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"Just shy of a year training with AFC trainers and truly overall feel better. I haven’t lost much weight, but my confidence; knowledge, and cardiovascular health has all improved. I feel better overall, and just love the atmosphere being here no matter who the class is run by, Heck even coming alone to do my own workout is comfortable."
Jessica Wagner
"I love AFC. It sounds cliche but it really is like a second family. The encouragement, friendships, and great workouts are what keep me coming back. You could work out anywhere but it’s the relationships that make AFC so much above the rest."
"Everyone at the gym is just so encouraging. There’s just a want for everyone to be healthy and be the best version of themselves, and I never feel like I’m failing, even when I’m struggling with movements or weights or anything. Jess is amazing. She pushes me outside my comfort zone, and gives me great advice on things I can do outside of the gym to help me meet my goals."
"I love this gym! The entire staff is friendly and knowledgeable. They take time to get to know everyone’s name which is awesome. I train with Jose and I enjoy his approach, the training isn’t a one size fits all. He really mixes up the training and it feels like it is tailored to my needs. Like any gym it comes down to your desire to be successful, but they truly give you all the tools you need to do so. I would recommend this gym to anyone, regardless of age or ability."
John Doe
Amador Cervantez
"This is the only gym I have been to where they make you feel like you're actually part of something. All the trainers take time to assist you in your journey. The encouragement they provided put me back on track to a healthier me. I would recommend AFC to anyone looking to make a lifestyle change and become part of something wonderful!"
Melissa Shustack
"Words can’t express how much I needed this Challenge to jump start my health journey. I am so grateful it was offered at just the right time for me! The group 101 classes were my absolute favorite & the variety of exercises was different each time, which I loved! I specifically want to thank Lindsey who is the most amazing, understanding, & inspiring trainer!! Not only did she encourage me in a way that only a good trainer can do, but also taught me that I have a love of boxing that I never knew I had. Thank you so much!!"
John Doe
Kim Hunter

InBody Challenge Results:

St. Joe's 2019: 108lbs LOST & 97lbs of PURE FAT LOST

In-House Member's Challenge 6/3/2019:
204.4lbs LOST & 104.3lbs of PURE FAT LOST

The InBody 270 is one of the most advanced body compositions you can use.  Statistically comparable to DEXA scans, this Dual Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis machine tells you what you are actually made of.  What does a bathroom scale tell you? NOTHING! Just the arbitrary, that very moment’s, effect of gravity on you.

YOU ARE SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT! You are hard work, dedication, passion, strength, and performance.  These characteristics need a more respectable measuring system.  This is where the InBody comes in! It details muscle mass, body fat, and hydration.  Our challenges are the 8-week, first step along your new fitness and nutrition journey!  Our highly educated trainers, and Ivy League graduate Dietician, will guide you along the path of success!  What are you waiting for?! Check our schedule and social media to find the next “Open” InBody challenge and take your first step!

If you are part of a private challenge, please look below to find your link.  Interested in hosting your own private InBody Challenge? Contact us to find out how to get started!

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