Massage Services

spa-fw_Swedish Massage

The kneading and long strokes used in this massage increase circulation, improve skin and muscle tone, and soothe tired muscles using gentle pressure.
30 min $35 60 min $60 90 min $85

Relaxation Massage

Relax with strong smooth strokes applied with light to moderate pressure. This type of massage helps to relieve as well as reduce emotional and physical stress, relax muscles, and improve circulation.
30 min $35 60 min $60 90 min $85

Therapeutic Rejuvenation Massage

Rejuvenating massage involves the manipulation of the soft tissue structures of the body to prevent and alleviate pain, discomfort, muscle spasm, and stress; and to enhance performance.
30 min $35 60 min $60 90 min $85

Hot Stone Massage

Achieve total tranquility as heated smooth river rocks are strategically placed on your body’s energy centers, and then used to expertly massage the body. The therapeutic heat of the stones increases circulation, eases tension, and induces a deep state of relaxation.
Add $15 to any massage (excluding Bamboo, Four Hands and Salt/Sugar)
**Not recommended for those with high blood pressure, heart conditions, or heat related conditions.

Deep Tissue Massage

Focusing on areas of pain and discomfort to break down muscle adhesions, release muscle spasm, and trigger points. This treatment will aid in the release of toxins and allow your body to regain flexibility and well being.
30 min $50 60 min $73 90 min $100

Bamboo Fusion

Warm bamboos are extensions of the therapist’s hands. Unique strokes of rolling, kneading, and crisscross movements are used as tools to release tension, tight muscles, and create an extreme sensation of relaxation and well being. This therapeutic massage gets rid of even the most stubborn knots and muscle tension. Pain and tension melt away. You’ll feel relaxed, refreshed, and rejuvenated.
60 min $85 75 min $95 90 min $115

Four Hands of Heaven

A four hands massage can be like experiencing two full body massages at the same time. Your brain doesn’t realize who is doing what and gives up control. This is a powerful treatment for anyone who has a hard time letting go during treatments.
60 min $129

Salt/Sugar Massage Glow

This service is great for exfoliation of the skin. A light Swedish massage is done as the salt/sugar rub is placed on your body. This is a great treatment all year round especially in summer to smooth and polish your skin and excellent in the winter for dry itchy skin. We use only top grade oils in our salt/sugar solutions.
60 min $75

Just for Feet Massage

This is an ultimate treat for those tired and aching feet. Begin with hot towels compressing and massaging the feet, and then adding an essential oil scrub that will delight your senses while relaxing and calming your whole body. Combination of massage and reflexology are a wonderful compliment to each other, restoring balance to body mind and spirit. This is one not to be missed!
30 min $40.00
Choose from: Peppermint ~ Coconut Lime ~ Lavender

Extras & Add-Ons

Aromatherapy $5
Paraffin: Hands/Feet $5 Both $10

Chair Massage

Chair massage is a short (15-20 minute) massage of a client sitting in a special, portable massage chair. The client remains fully clothed, and no oils are used while their shoulders, neck, upper back, head and arms are massaged.

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