MyZone Heart Rate Monitoring System

Monitoring your heart rate is an essential part of anyone fitness.  Whether you are a competitive athlete or just someone looking to live a long, healthy life, checking in with your heart accurately is extremely beneficial. The heart is stressed differently depending upon what heart rate zone it is in.  Therefore it is important to be able to accurate see what zone you are in so that your training can reflect your goals!

Your heart rate zones will appear as colored tiles both on our TV screen at our facility and on your phone or smart watch.  The zones are percentages of your estimated maximum heart rate.  Roughly the majority of your training should be within zones 1-3 leaving zones 4-5 for short, intense efforts or competition days where you are leaving it all out!  Zones 1-3 build your aerobic foundation and zones 4-5 test the upper limits of your capacity.  All of the zones are important but the upper zones come with higher intensity so they must be trained in appropriately to avoid injury and overtraining.  To read more about the importance of training your heart often and the cardiovascular changes that occur,  hop on over to our article: “To Cardio or Not to Cardio.”

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