In this ever changing world of fitness and nutrition that we live in, it is absolutely imperative that those who take on this task of coaching, training, or providing services in this field stay as up-to-date as possibly.  Science is dynamic, and as Alywn Cosgrove said, “The pendulum tends to swing too far in one direction.”  For example, perhaps what was once a fad diet is now a known cause of cancer.  That same diet, 5 years later, will have been found not to be the cause of cancer but simply a correlation and the behaviors that followed such a diet, where more the culprit. 

This goes for a lot of exercise and nutrition.  It is complicated! However, what we like to do is present the most recent research and interpretations of the literature that we deem today’s best solution to our daily exercise and nutrition goals. Information that we simplify so you can take home and immediately start implementing it in your lives! So, keep an eye out on this page and our social media outlets for our various workshops going on throughout the year!




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